Thursday, November 11, 2004

Royals Sign Truby

I'm not wild about this one. I know that the stakes are low since he's only a stopgap on a bad team, but I was hoping for better.

Truby had a much better season in Nashville than I had at first realized. It is awfully late in a career to learn plate discipline, as he was 30 this season, but he did put up a decent .300/.367/.558 line this season in Nashville with 41 doubles, 25 home runs, and 47 walks in 466 at bats. As Rotoworld pointed out, his career major league line is .231/.269/.388in 819 at bats.

He might be adequate as a stopgap, but the upside is extremely limited, and using a major league roster spot on him is a waste. Players like Truby should be limited to non-roster invitations and minor league deals. If you're going to use a roster spot, then get a player who could have a long term future with the Royals. Trading for Marshall McDougal would be acceptable since he could become a valuable platoon or utility infielder.

But I think we all hope that Truby is not used because of Mark Teahen. I'd much rather see Teahen in KC and Truby in Omaha than vice versa.

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