Friday, December 10, 2004

Baseball's Winter Meetings: Thursday

Every year at baseball's winter meetings, a company called PBEO holds a large minor league job fair, where everyone from interns to broadcasters to GMs can apply for both seasonal and full-time jobs with minor-league teams. After reading about the winter meetings in Josh Lewin's book, Getting in the Game (a great book to buy if you're looking to get into baseball, and a very easy read), I registered for the job fair and headed down to Anaheim on Thursday, a day before the job fair and winter meetings officially started.

I left Chicago on Thursday at 9 AM, having just finished finals the day before. After getting into Los Angeles airport at 3 PM, and taking a half-hour shuttle down to Anaheim, I checked into the Coast Anaheim hotel, a 3 minute walk from the Anaheim Convention Center where the job fair is held.

The Coast is one of three hotels in the area near the convention center, and it's definitely the cheapest and the one where most PBEO jobseekers are staying. Figuring that I wouldn't get to see or meet any baseball bigshots at the Coast, I strolled over the Hilton hotel (4 minute walk), and took a peek inside. A couple jobseekers, no one important. Frustrated, and needing to make copies of my resume, I went to the Kinko's inside the Marriott. Immediately entering the lobby, I saw Steve Phillips talking with Paul DePodesta, and Peter Gammons meandering around in his a shaggy suit with tennis shoes, trying to get the inside scoop on signings. The most surprising part about being at the winter meetings is how little you actually know about the transactions going on. I didn't hear about the Troy Glaus or Jermaine Dye signings until a friend from KC called me to tell me about it. After just walking around the hotel lobby and looking for big shots, I headed back to my hotel to watch the end of the KU-TCU game, and to prepare for Day 1 of the Winter Meetings/PBEO Job Fair. The alarm's set for 6:30 AM.

So far, no Theo Epstein sightings.

Famous people seen: DePodesta, Phillips, Gammons, Ken Rosenthal, Jayson Stark, Jerry Crasnick.

Goals for the meeting:
1) Stalk Theo Epstein.
2) Get a job.
3) Get tons of phone numbers and contacts.

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