Thursday, January 27, 2005

Cole Hamels Report

Cole Hamels, LHP, Philadelphia Phillies
Drafted 17th Overall, 2002 Draft, HS, San Diego,CA
Bats L/Throws L
21 YO, 6'3", 170 lbs

It was a lost year for Hamels, who came into the season looking like one of the best prospects in baseball. He pulled a triceps muscle in his arm and only pitched in 4 games all year. That's the bad news. The good news is that it wasn't an injury that required surgery. And it shouldn't have any long term effects, other than a year of development lost.

His career numbers stand as follows. 1.31 ERA, 171 K's, 43 walks, and 71 hits in 117 innings. Those kinds of numbers speak for themselves for the most part. He did benefit from pitcher friendly leagues, but he's always been young for the league he's been in and park effects don't do much to counteract THAT kind of dominance.

When he's healthy, Hamels works with a low 90's fastball and a changeup that almost warrants UN sanctions. One of the things that he was going to work on this season was his curveball, which could solidify his status as a premier prospect if he can develop it into an out pitch. He has an approach that is years ahead of the calendar, and just looking at his walk rate is enough to know that control issues aren't likely.

Hamels broke his humorus in high school in a freak street football accident, but I'm not too worried about that. It's been several years since it happened, and he's had no problems with it. He had the triceps problem this season, but that isn't likely to be a long term problem. His mechanics are such that I worry about shoulder and elbow problems less than most pitching prospects. He's still a prospect that I'm very bullish on, almost irrationally so.

ETA: 2007ish
4 Stars

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