Monday, January 17, 2005

Monday Morning Ramblings

I'm back from my weekend trip to Georgia and I can report that I had a great time. Me and the wife like to travel, but we don't really get on the road all that much. Georgia was nice, with highs in the low 50's. And almost everybody was extremely friendly.

Continuing off topic, while watching the Colts get rolled by the Patriots, I had a couple of random thoughts.

First off, there are certain cliches that are pulled out way too often by both coaches and broadcasters. Everybody was talking about how the Patriots won because they were more "physical" than the Colts, but I'm not sure how true that really was. The Patriots crafted a great defensive strategy that conspired with the elements to shut down the Colts quick strike passing attack. The wind and the frozen field kept the Colts from using anything downfield.

The Patriots don't have a rugged, bruising defense. They have a bunch of quick players who are disciplined within the scheme, and who can tackle and cover receivers. They also didn't play a particularly rough game. There wasn't a surplus of hard hits. They dropped a lot of linebackers and defensive backs into zones, didn't bite on the play fakes, and swarmed to the ball whether it was a pass or a run. Bully for them. But this isn't the '85 Bears defense.

Changing subjects again, often when I can't avoid a commercial break I see an ad for Yellow Book, where people from the local phone company are doing product testing, and always losing. It makes me want to ask whether there's a phone book war going on that puts Pepsi vs Coke, Miller Lite vs Bud Lite, and Yankees vs Red Sox to shame. I would be disturbed if something like that were happening and I wasn't aware of it.

Seriously, it's a freaking phone book. When it shows up on the doorstep, I put it in the closet in my office. I've never in my life met someone who was militant about their choice in phone books and if I ever meet someone who is, I have a feeling that the best strategy would be to slowly walk away, and try not to draw attention to myself. Then call I the authorities and report to them that there's a lunatic running around, and he/she is probably a danger to himself and those around him/her.

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