Friday, March 25, 2005

Brooks Conrad Report

Brooks Conrad, 2B, Houston Astros
Drafted 236th Overall (8th Rd), 2001 Draft, Arizona State
Bats B/Throws R
25 YO, 5'11", 190 lbs

Here's a player to root for if you're sabermetrically-inclined. In the old days, Baseball Prospectus would have said something like "Brooks Conrad is a damned fine baseball player and anything else you hear is crap." I'd probably agree with it too. He gets ignored by scouts and GM's, but all he does is hit like a decent third baseman, and play decent defense at a premium position. So he doesn't look like what most major leaguers do. Who really gives a damn anyways?

2004 Round Rock: .290/.365/.477, 39 2B, 6 3B, 13 HR, 63 BB, 105 K, 480 AB
mL Career: .278/.362/.457, 109 2B, 30 3B, 45 HR, 210 BB, 344 K, 1696 AB

His plate discipline is very good. He hits for average. He has a lot more power than you'd expect a second baseman to have. And he's shown it at every step along the way. What the hell else would you want? The fact that he's been passed over completely in 2 straight Rule 5 drafts is a case for Robert Stack. With the lack of good options at the keystone sack, wouldn't a scrappy player who hits be a nice player to have around? Why wouldn't Pittsburgh or Minnesota at least give him a March test run? Come to think of it, a Jason Bartlett/Brooks Conrad middle infield would be a criminally underrated, but ruthlessly effective arrangement.

At best, Conrad is Todd Walker without the platoon issues. At worst, he's a good guy to have waiting in AAA for an opportunity. A good comp if he gets a chance would be Mark Grudzielanek with more walks.

ETA: Late 2005
3 1/2 Stars

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