Friday, March 11, 2005

Wil Ledezma Report

Wil Ledezma, LHP, Detroit Tigers
Signed as an Undrafted Free Agent, Venezuela
Bats L/Throws L
24 YO, 6'4", 210 lbs

His stint on the legendary 2003 Tigers as a Rule 5 pick stashes in the back of the bullpen exhausted his prospect status, but he's still an interesting young player looking to break into the big leagues. Hey, it's my blog, I can bend the rules when I feel like it.

2004 Erie: 2.42 ERA, 98 K, 24 BB, 95 H, 8 HR, 111 IP
2004 Detroit: 4.39 ERA, 29 K, 18 BB, 55 H, 3 HR, 53 IP
mL Career: 3.37 ERA, 251 K, 88 BB, 224 H, 13 HR, 249 IP
MLB Career: 5.24 ERA, 78 K, 53 BB, 154 H, 15 HR, 137 IP

He generated a lot of buzz while he was making the Eastern League his own private playground. He's reportedly added a pretty effective changeup to his arsenal, which already had an above average, low 90's fastball and a decent slider. Obviously his command is a hell of a lot better than it was in 2003, when he was routinely hammered by Major League hitters.

His name is being floated around as a sleeper candidate. I think he might need a consolidation year before he really breaks out. Also, the Johan Santana is very overstated. For now, I'd be happy seeing him become a decent 4th starter this season and a #2/3 after that. He's slotted in as the Tigers 5th starter. They'd do well to use him in the pen on weeks where they only need 4 starters. Giving him regular work whether it is in the rotation or out of the pen should be a high priority, as well as keeping his pitch count down in those appearances. I like him a lot, but there's a lot of hyperbole and hype surrounding his development.

ETA: Opening Day
4 Stars

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