Thursday, April 28, 2005

Todd Linden Report

Todd Linden, OF, San Francisco Giants
Drafted 41st Overall, 2001 Draft, LSU
Bats B/Throws R
24 YO, 6'3", 210 lbs

I'm a little miffed that Linden wasn't given more of a chance to be a backup for the Giants out of spring training. He's clearly a better prospect and player than Tony Torcato. He's more versatile because of his switch hitting. And he's showing slow growth in his game.

2004 Fresno: .260/.349/.466, 28 2B, 23 HR, 63 BB, 149 K, 8 SB, 6 CS, 489 AB
pre-2005 mL Career: .280/.373/.447, 80 2B, 8 3B, 49 HR, 184 BB, 390 K, 33 SB, 15 CS, 1452 AB

He's not a great player, but he's a decent backup outfielder and pinch hitter to have laying around on the bench. He can play on either corner and he'll knock the crap out of a hanging curve or a poorly placed fastball. He'll also draw some walks, but he won't hit for a particularly good average, and because of that, he'll have to draw even more walks to salvage a good OBP. One wonders what he'd be like if he shortens his stroke and cut back on those K's. It's conceivable that if he managed that, he could be an entry level left fielder. As it is, he's a good bench player.

Unfortunately for Linden, the Giants have some better players with similar skills coming up behind him, so he might get lost in the shuffle. To get a break, he has to have a well timed hot streak. Because of his hitting style, he'll probably run hot and cold at the plate.

ETA: Overdue
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