Friday, May 20, 2005

Chuck Tiffany Report

Chuck Tiffany, LHP, Los Angeles Dodgers
Drafted 61st Overall (2nd Rd), 2003 Draft, HS, Covina, CA
Bats L/Throws L
20 YO, 6'1", 200 lbs.

The Dodgers have probably done more to improve their farm system over the last few years than anybody, collecting a fleet of live arms and promising bats. Among the brigade of pitchers, Chuck Tiffany is my favorite. He has only average velocity on his fastball, but it has a lot of movement, and he compliments it with one of the nastier curveballs you're likely to see and a change that is already pretty good and could become another WMD. He has some issues with command both in the zone and in keeping it in the zone, but that's partly a function of his age and partly due to the fact that everything he throws has a wiggle in it. We've seen this problem with pitchers like Barry Zito and we've seen it at it's most extreme with Mike MacDougal. If he can harness that command, he could be a big star. He needs to work on keeping his delivery consistent and try to improve that command. It's really the most important thing he has in front of him.

2004 Columbus: 3.70 ERA, 141 K, 40 BB, 76 H, 11 HR, 100 IP
mL Career: 3.59 ERA, 183 K, 57 BB, 105 H, 13 HR, 133 IP

That career line includes the 2.59 ERA he's posted this season in 31 Florida State League innings. He's still walking a few more guys than I'd like, but his strikeout and hit rates still speak volumes about how filthy his stuff really is.

He's currently on the DL with a minor back issue. It's not supposed to be a long-term problem and the Dodgers are being cautious. There are some worries that he could gain weight. To fight that, the Dodgers have had him on a fitness routine.

It also bears mention that he started off last season on a tear as well. He threw a no-hitter and a perfect game in consecutive starts.

Bottom line, he has the stuff to be a star, but he's still a couple years away. His command is what is going to mean the difference between being a good #4 starter and being a Cy Young candidate. Oh, and as I'm contractually obligated to say, he also has to stay away from scalpels.

ETA: 2007
4 Stars

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