Thursday, May 05, 2005

Sean Henn Report

Sean Henn, LHP, New York Yankees
Drafted 788th Overall (26th Rd), 2000 Draft, McLennan (TX) JC
Bats R/Throws L
24 YO, 6'5", 215 lbs

The Yankees are a mess right now. Their rotation is aging and afflicted with injuries and ineffectiveness. Their lineup is underperforming despite a massive monetary investment. And their defense is on record as the worst in baseball. A good measure of how far they gave a spot start to Henn where he got pounded. A month ago, most in the mainstream media would have thought it impossible for the Yankees to be desperate enough to hand the ball to a prospect as anonymous as Henn. They were talking about how invisible the 200 million dollar roster was. I know that it's common courtesy of the media to gladhand whenever possible, but the sheer lack of critical thought was appalling in my opinion. I really heard someone on Baseball Tonight say that this was possibly the best rotation ever.

Henn is a reasonable prospect who was pushed into a difficult situation. He gets into the mid 90's with his fastball, though the velocity has waxed and waned over the course of his career. He also has a slider that show promise, but is still be all means a work in progress. He's better suited for the bullpen at this point, but the Yankees need a starter, so he'll continue to be pressed into service in the rotation until they find another pitcher to shoehorn in there or until they get the Big Unit back from the disabled list. In the interim, he'll continue to plod along as best he can. The Yankees defense won't be particularly helpful in his cause. He'd be better served finding a place in the Columbus rotation or in the Bronx bullpen.

2004 Trenton: 4.41 ERA, 118 K, 63 BB, 173 H, 11 HR, 136 IP
mL Career: 3.94 ERA, 229 K, 118 BB, 273 H, 18 HR, 286 IP

His command is shaky and he was very hitable last season. His strikeout totals are acceptable, but not commendable. All in all, he's a very mediocre prospect as a starter. Move him to the bullpen, and I have a feeling his weaknesses could be sufficiently covered up to be at least a passable reliever. Fantasy owners should stay far away for now, and until he either enters the chase to be somebody's closer or figures out how to command his pitches better and avoid bats.

ETA: Ready or not, he's here...for now
2 1/2 Stars

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