Sunday, May 15, 2005

Sunday Morning Notes and Links

First off, congrats to friend of TYBITF, Kevin Agee, who has maintained Kevin's Royal Blog for quite some time now. He's been picked up by for their new Royals blog Kauffman Confidential.

Secondly, I like the fact that ESPN is carrying some regular season college baseball games. I've caught some intermittent action in a couple of games, but I haven't watched an entire game for a variety of reasons. BTW...I hope Dish Network picks up ESPNU soon.

Third, as a Royals fan I feel I have to comment on this. Now I have no idea whether the Royals really are thinking of cutting financial corners on the second overall pick and bypassing Justin Upton/Alex Gordon in favor of a budget pick, but if they are, I'd caution them not to. The draft is the best way to get top notch talent if you're a small market team, and you're really shooting yourself in the foot if you ignore talent to go with the cheaper alternative or to draft to positional need. Allard Baird is smart enough to know this, and I can't imagine that this would make him very happy. If they do this, then they make it very clear that the health of the franchise is a secondary concern and turning a short term profit is the important thing.

Inspired by John Sickels, I do a yearly version of the draft where I mirror KC's picks, taking the players I would have taken. I started out just doing 1 or 2 rounds. At this point, I usually do a full 50 round effort. Some of my picks look really good right now, such as taking Michael Aubrey instead of Chris Lubanski, or taking Dustin Pedroia last year, or Casey Kotchman instead of Colt Griffin. But most of the time, I've at least understood the logic behind the pick and haven't criticized them too severely (Griffin is an exception as I blasted the pick early and often). I understood why they took Billy Butler instead of my choice, Josh Fields. I understood why they took JP Howell, Matt Campbell, and Billy Buckner. I can not forgive them if they pass on Gordon to take a guy that might someday turn into Khalil Greene when they might even be able to get that same player in the second round. It's bush league. And if it happens, then tune into this space because I'll be absolutely toxic.

And with that, I'm leaving for the day. I leave for the track in a couple hours to watch qualifications for our little local car race. Tune in tomorrow for the Nate McLouth report.

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