Monday, June 27, 2005

Sergio Mitre Report

Sergio Mitre, RHP, Chicago Cubs
Drafted 198th Overall (7th Rd), 2001 Draft, San Diego City College
Bats R/Throws R
24 YO, 6'4", 210 lbs

Don't let the best two games of Mitre's career fool you. He's not going to be able to duplicate it long term. That doesn't mean he's without value. He's better than he's pitched SINCE those two games.

Mitre has a nice variety of pitches. He has only an average fastball, but it has some sink to it. He has a very nice slider and a curve and changeup that he can use as well. The slider is his best out pitch. He can also get some misses with the curve. The change is mostly a change of pace and is pretty average. The fastball creates tons of ground balls. He isn't going to blow it by anybody, but he'll induce a lot of hitters to beat the ball into the ground. As we've learned, that leaves him particularly reliant on the fielding ability of his infielders.

2004 Iowa: 2.98 ERA, 95 K, 39 BB, 97 H, 9 HR, 103 IP
2004 Chicago: 6.62 ERA, 37 K, 20 BB, 71 H, 6 HR, 52 IP
2005 Iowa: 4.60 ERA, 37 K, 14 BB, 49 H, 5 HR, 45 IP
2005 Chicago: 5.19 ERA, 19 K, 14 BB, 42 H, 4 HR, 43 IP
mL Career: 3.17 ERA, 427 K, 139 BB, 559 H, 27 HR, 553 IP
MLB Career: 6.14 ERA, 59 K, 38 BB, 128 H, 31 HR, 104 IP

Just staring at the numbers, I think he can be a pretty decent back of the rotation filler or a pretty nice swing starter at the Major League level, but he's not a staff ace in waiting. Middle relief is likely. If he impresses the right manager, he could find his way into a setup role. The best fit might be the swing role that I've talked about before.

3 1/2 Stars

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