Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Commentary and Links

Starting out with Formula 1, this is interesting news. I'm not sure how good Scott Speed would be in F1 next year, but in general the idea is at least intriguing. Having an american driver in a Formula 1 cockpit would help next year's USGP attendance, but I'm afraid of getting him into the wrong team. I doubt there'd be much interest if he winds up in a Minardi or a Midlands seat since he'd have almost no chance of being relevant. I'd like to see him stay in GP2 and get into a heavy test schedule with Red Bull Racing. Get some time in F1 cars before jumping in. It would also give Red Bull a chance to sort out their driver situation and clear a spot for him.

One guy in GP2 that should be an F1 driver next year is Heikki Kovalainen. He'd be very good alongside Fernando Alonzo in the Renault camp.

On the broader note of the state of the GP2 series, Speed does make some good points. I like the series and the way they have a lot of things set up. The spec car series is a good thing for driver and team development. Having 2 races a weekend is also an interesting thing. Also, I love the idea of giving a championship point to the pole sitter and 2 points to the driver who records the fastest lap. I think that is something that should be incorporated into F1 (and IRL and Champ Car for that matter). I don't like the way they determine the grid for the sprint race though. It's just bizarre. The idea that somebody can pass another car to take 8th place late in the first race and end up on pole for the second race as a result seems arbitrary. One of two things need to happen. Either they need to just have the starting grid for the sprint race be the same as the finishing order of the long race or they need to incorporate a second qualifying session into the weekend.

Overall though, the GP2 series has produced some great races, some of the most exciting that I've seen this year. And I think there are a lot of drivers in there that have a future in Formula 1. Speed, Kovalainen, Nico Rosberg, and Adam Carroll all clearly have serious chops.

I'd like to mention that I really want to see the formula for how these rankings are calculated.

Off topic a bit, but actually related to this particular blog. As if we needed more proof of the fact that life imitates Office Space. Top of the cap to The Intern.

I just noticed that I haven't mentioned the proposed reorganization of the low minors. This would certainly be a big change for the draft. I'm officially neutral on the subject. I have no problem with it, though I would worry that MLB would be burning some bridges in the Appy League.

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